palm mat with wooden beads
palm mat with wooden beads
palm mat with wooden beads
palm mat with wooden beads

Nico placemat

palm mat with wooden beads

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Carefully hand-woven, eco-friendly coconut leaf placemat.
The rim is decorated with wooden beads, giving it a cute yet rustic and natural texture.

It can be used as a placemat, or as a mat under your favorite figurines, photo frames, iPads, vases, etc.
A versatile item that can be hung on the wall and can be used as an interior decoration.

It is also recommended to use it on your terrace to feel like a beach resort.

Made in India

■ Size about 33cm
■ Material Palm Leaves, Coastal Grass, Moonj

[Handling method]

・If necessary, wipe off dirt with a slightly damp cloth.
Do not use soap or other detergents as they may damage the material.
・Wipe off excess water and dry in the shade if necessary.
・If a small object gets caught in the mesh of the mat, remove it with a soft brush and use it cleanly.
・Be careful not to pull on the loose mesh of the material.

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* Even with the same product, there may be slight differences in color shades, size differences, and slight fraying of threads and distortion of sewing. In this case, please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges if there is no problem with use.

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