Abundance original tote bag
Abundance original tote bag
Abundance original tote bag
Abundance original tote bag

Abundance totebag

Abundance original tote bag

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A sturdy canvas tote bag.
It also has a gusset, so it won't lose its shape even if you put a lot of things in it.
With Abundance Mandala logo. The logo uses black, which is said to protect oneself from difficulties.

The Mandala of Abundance consists of six elements: 1) Kama, Desire, 2) Dharma, Responsibility, Morality, 3) Artha, Economy, Material Wealth, 4) Karma, Retribution, 5) Free Will, Free Will, and 6) Moksha, Liberation. It contains the desire to improve oneself while polishing.

For everyday shopping, practice, and work documents. It can also be used as a mom bag or when going to the beach.

By purchasing this product, you will support the lives of Indian producers.
Don't you think it's ideal for a win-win shopping experience that makes not only you but also the creators happy?

Made in India

■ size
Approximately 38cm in height X approximately 36cm in width
Handle about 66cm
Gusset about 8cm

Material Cotton

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